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Critical Coverages in Landlord Insurance

Tenant Damage

Tenant damage is typically covered under a landlord policy  however some insurance companies only provide it as an additional endorsement or rider.

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Personal Property

This is coverage for any property you leave on site for tenant use such as appliances and furniture. Tenant’s personal property is not covered.

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Loss of Rent

If something happens to your structure that requires it to become vacant, Loss of Rent coverage kicks in to help you remain financially stable during the repairs.

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Liability Protection

Protection against claims and potential lawsuits that arise from bodily injury that happens on the rental property you are legally responsible for.   It includes medical costs and legal fees

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No.  Tenants are responsible for their own property and should obtain a renter's insurance policy to help cover the costs incurred during property loss.

While it is recommended that all tenants have a renter's insurance policy, this requirement varies from state to state and you will want to check with your state laws to see if it is allowed.

yes.  a landlord's insurance policy will help cover the lost rents that arise from a covered loss.  The amount the policy pays out is subject to the limits of the policy and its deductibles.

no.  there are multiple types of home policies including renters, landlord, homeowners and condos.  a Landlord policy is a different policy with its own limits and deductibles than a homeowner's insurance policy.

Your tenants may be short term but your landlord policy is still a standard 12 months.  there may be insurance carriers that provide a shorter term however we are unaware of any.

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