An Umbrella policy provides protection beyond existing limits and coverages of other policies for injuries, property damage, certain lawsuits, and personal liability situations.


Which Type of Umbrella is right for you?

Personal Umbrella Insurance

A Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy is a type of liability insurance that covers you when a claim is larger than your homeowners, auto or watercraft insurance will cover. It can also cover claims for things not covered under your regular home, auto or watercraft policy.

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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance goes beyond your existing liability coverage once it has been exhausted.  It covers things such as medical expenses, attorney fees and damages from a lawsuit.  It is designed to provide protection from “BIG” losses.

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Excess Liability Insurance

Excess Liability Insurance provides coverage that exceeds the limits of an existing underlying liability policy.  What makes it different than the more commonly known Umbrella Policy is it does not effect the terms of the underlying liability policy.Its sole purpose is to provide more LIMITS of coverage.

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Common Situations Protected by Umbrella Insurance:

  • Motor vehicle accidents with excessive physical damage, bodily injuries, or death.
  • Slip and fall accidents on your property.
  • Boating Accidents.
  • Swimming Pool Accidents.
  • Physical damage or bodily injury caused by your dog.
  • Slander, libel, and defamation lawsuits.
  • Judgments that exceed the limits of your auto or home policies.

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