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Business Insurance consists of different coverages meant to protect against loss and keep the business operating as normal.


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Which business insurance is right for you?

Business Owners Policy

A Business Owners Policy aka BOP is a way of combining both property and liability coverage into a bundled package of various coverages and endorsements.

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Business Auto Insurance

As a business owner, a commercial auto policy covers you for accidents & injuries that put your investments at risk.

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Worker’s Compensation

A form of insurance that provides coverage for lost wages for employees and medical expenses in the event of a work related injury.

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Professional Liability

Sometimes called Errors & Omissions protects business professionals such as accountants, realtors, lawyers, etc. against a claim resulting from professional advice or service.

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What is Business Insurance?

Business insurance protects your business and helps pay for costs due to property damage, lawsuits, lost business income, and other covered losses.  It consists of different coverages meant to protect against loss and keep the business operating as normal.

Types of Business Insurance

General Liability Insurance 

A standard insurance policy that protects against liability claims for injury to people or property caused by your business. General Liability Insurance typically includes 5 basic coverages.  They are:

  1. General Liability
  2. Products, and completed operations
  3. advertising and personal injury
  4. Damange to Premises Rented to You
  5. Medical Payments

Commercial Auto Insurance

  1. Covers cars, trucks &  motorcycles used for business.
  2. It gives financial protection against physical damage and/or bodily injury due to an accident.  It also covers liability issues that arise as a result.
  3. Business auto insurance may also protect against theft.
  4. Sometimes covers damage to the car from events other than collisions.

Commercial Property Insurance

  1. Covers loss to buildings or personal property of the insured business or business owner, personal property of others on site and in the insured’s possession.
  2. Coverage can be provided on an all risk or specific perils basis.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

  • Commercial umbrella insurance provides added liability coverage when claims exceed the limits of primary insurance policies, such as general liability. It can also potentially kick in as primary insurance when there are losses that are not covered by other underlying policies.

Professional Liability Insurance

  • Professional liability insurance commonly known as errors & omissions or E&O, is a form of liability insurance that protects companies from the financial burden of defense costs in a negligence claim made by a client as well as the cost of damages awarded in a civil lawsuit.

Business Owner’s Package

  • A Business Owner’s Package, or a BOP, is a package that combines coverage for the liability and the property in one insurance policy. Typically, a BOP comes with better premiums due to the bundled nature of the product and often times includes an assortment of adjunct coverages that round out the policy with an abundance of coverage options such as business interruption insurance, property insurance, vehicle coverage, liability insurance, and crime insurance.

Workers Compensation

  • Workers’ compensation insurance provides wage replacement, and rehabilitation and medical benefits to employees that are injured while on the job, working. The coverage is mandated by each state and the wage and medical benefits vary by state.   It also pays death benefits to families of employees who are killed on the job.

There are many more types of business insurance policies available.  Please reach out to us to have an insurance policy handcrafted specifically for your business’ needs.

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Yes, you can combine certain types of insurance policies.  The most common is the BOP - standing for Business Owner Policy which combines property and liability into a package that typically contains a variety of customizable endorsements.

Otherwise known as BPP, is your movable property or items owned by your business.  It includes furniture, computers, electronics & equipment.  We often advise that it is the contents that would fall out if you were to turn the building upside down and shook it. Not to be confused with Inland Marine. See Inland Marine for defininition.

This is a type of property insurance that covers property in transit over land.  Inland Marine is for businesses that use and transport their own property, materials or equipment needed to complete and off-site job.  Example: camera equipment of a photographer or catering dishes belonging to a caterer or a lawnmower belonging to a landscaper.

Every business is unique and has it's own sets of challenges and vulnerabilities.  The only true way to know is to speak with an Agent who can assess what exactly your business needs.

Our agency does not offer anything less than $1,000,000 in General Liability coverage.  This is the standard minimum accepted for business contracts.

When we welcomed you into the K.S. Pacific family we sent you a welcome letter that includes your policy number and a phone number to file a claim.  If you are unable to find that information feel free to give us a shout and we will help walk you through the filing process.

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